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March 27, 2007
Copper Fox Releases its "Field Geological Report" For the 2006 Season

Calgary, March 27, 2006. Copper Fox Metals Inc ("Copper Fox" or the "Company")(CUU- TSX-V) is pleased to announce the release of its National Instrument 43-101 compliant "2006 Diamond Drill Report, Schaft Creek Property, Northwestern British Columbia" authored by Sheena Ewanchuk, Dr. Peter Fischer and Walter Hanych and dated March 19,2007, now available at and from the Companys' website

"This report presents a new geological model for the Schaft Creek mineral deposit and enhances the possible expansion of the resources deeper than presently known. The company is grateful to the authors for a job very well done" says Guillermo Salazar, President and CEO.

Excerpts from the report as follows:

"Geologically the Schaft Creek deposit is situated within the Triassic Stuhini volcanics, in faulted contact with the Stikine Assemblage. It is located at the eastern contact of a large, late-Triassic, felsic batholith, the Hickman. Regional faulting is intense throughout the deposit. The property geology is dominated by andesitic volcanics, including flows, volcanoclastics, tuffs and in the northern portion of the deposit, granodiorite of the Hickman batholith. These lithologies are cut by relatively narrow felsic intrusive porphyry dykes."

"The deposit is classified as a porphyry copper deposit. This large, low grade deposit is intrusive related, exhibiting intrusive and hydrothermal breccia zones. An extensive stockwork mineralization exists, formed by a shallowly emplaced magma chamber of intermediate composition."

"Copper-molybdenum-gold-silver mineralization at Schaft Creek is divided into three zones: the Liard Main Zone, the West Breccia Zone and the Paramount Zone. Currently, the defined dimensions of the three zones are: Liard 1,000 x 700 x 300-meters; West Breccia 500 x 100 x 300-meters; Paramount 700 x 200 x 500-meters. Combined, these zones have a length exceeding 1,400-meters, a width of 200 to 700-meters and a depth of 300 to 500-¬meters."

"Stockwork and veins are the principal ore bearing features in the Liard Main Zone. Whereas, in the West Breccia and Paramount Zones, complex igneous and hydrothermal breccia mineralization predominates as the ore type, with various emphasis of either igneous or hydrothermal features. Chalcopyrite, pyrite, bornite and molybdenite are almost exclusively the ore minerals in all three zones in order of relative abundance, with variations of their relative abundances within each zone."

"As is expected from a vein/stockwork dominated deposit, metal profiles in fixed 3.05 m sample intervals, show strong spikes, with overall consistent trends. The scatter grams of Cu vs. Ag and Au vs. Ag both show varieties in patterns from hole to hole, with an overall moderate to good correlation. The scatter-grams of Cu vs Au for each hole show a wide variation between holes; including random scatter, good correlation and, most commonly, a poor, scattered trend. This is interpreted as indicating a complex, multistage geological history, metal fractionation and succession of veins and hydrothermal events. Cu vs Mo scatter grams also show a variety of patterns, most commonly a poor correlation but not entirely random. This suggests that at least two populations exist."

"An evolving, very incomplete, geological model suggests a multi phase, magmatic-hydrothermal history related to one or several apophyses stemming from a Hickman batholith linked cupola. The Paramount Zone is thought to represent the deepest, hottest level, the Liard Zone the mid level and the West Breccia Zone the shallow level of the epizone."

"The Schaft Creek property is a world class porphyry deposit, hosting significant grades and tonnages amenable to bulk extraction methods. Supported by the current, prevailing high metal prices, the economics of exploiting this deposit are very favourable. The results of this program were very encouraging, leading to further evaluation of the deposit with a short term goal of arriving at a production decision in the near future."

"Narrow, discontinuous feldspar porphyry and quartz feldspar porphyry dykes, genetically related to the Hickman batholith, intrude the volcanic package, occupying structural planes of weakness, (Salazar, 1973, Seraphim, 1967). The orientation of the mineralizing structures, originally related to local stress fields, is associated with the emplacement of the batholith. Potassic alteration envelopes are associated with the dykes. Besides the genetic association of the dykes with the Hickman batholith, the batholith is also considered to be the source of the magmatic-hydrothermal fluids, which ultimately formed the mineralized breccias, veins and stockworks of the deposit."

This new geological model demonstrates the potential of expanding the resources at Schaft Creek by projecting the Paramount Zone to extend southwards, below the Liard Zone. "No exploration work for this type of target has even been carried out on the property. However, we intend to keep focused on the development of the known resources" says Guillermo Salazar.

The Company is awaiting the completion of the following 43-101 compliant reports:

1) Resource Estimation to be completed by Associated Geosciences Ltd. of Calgary led by Keith McCandlish the independent QP for the project and Riian Herman.

2) Revised Pit Optimization plans being prepared by Associated Geosciences Ltd. using the resources as defined in the above report.

3) Bulk Flotation Testing Reports being prepared by Process Research Associates Ltd. of Vancouver BC under the supervision of the Company's metallurgists and Samuel Engineering Inc. of Denver CO.

4) A Scoping Study of the deposit being prepared by Samuel Engineering Inc.

5) An environmental baseline study being prepared by Rescan Environmental Consultants Ltd. of Vancouver BC.

These reports will be released as soon as they are available to the Company and it has completed its internal review.

In addition Copper Fox is engaged in ongoing negotiations with the Tahltan Nation to develop the principles of a Memorandum of Understanding to operate in the Schaft Creek area under a relationship of mutual respect and economic gain for all.

About Copper Fox

Copper Fox is a Canadian based Junior Natural Resource mining company listed on the TSX-Venture exchange trading under the symbol (CUU). The Company is working toward the economic development of the world class copper-gold-molybdenum mineral deposit located at Schaft Creek situated in North West British Columbia, Canada. Pursuant to an option agreement with Teck Cominco Limited, Copper Fox may acquire up to a 93.4% direct and indirect interest in the Schaft Creek property from Teck Cominco Limited.

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